Tuesday, December 24, 2013

When in Montreal...gorge yourself on a Jumbo Smoked Meat Sandwich!

Bonjour and greetings from Montreal!  What can you do while waiting for your (delayed flight) in this snowy winter city?

Why, seek out the famous Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich, of course!!

They did not feed us on our flight from Edmonton, so it was with an extreme combination of gratitude and anticipation that we settled ourselves down at Moe's Deli and Bar for a late dinner.  I immediately scanned the bilingual menu for the sandwich section and there it was: Viande Fumee Jumbo! 

And then - voila! - there it was in front of me:  at least three inches thick of juicy, gleaming meat barely contained by the two slices of rye bread, with a giant pickle and a pile of fries on the side!  As a Smoked Meat Rookie, I knew I was in for a challenge...

I applied a small layer of mustard under one of the rye slices and took my first bite. Sharp...slippery...smokey...pungent...but all in a good way!  Move over Ketchup, this was Mustard's show!  The thin layer of mustard disappeared rapidly after the first few bites, so I resorted to squeezing a sizable portion onto my plate for dipping.  So good!  Then somehow, the first half was gone!  More or less inhaled in only a few bites; I guess was more hungry than I thought...

I dug into the second half but as Joey from Friends once said: "Here come the meat sweats..."

They were mild ones, thank goodness, and I wish I could say I was able to rally and devour the second half as nimbly and quickly as the first, but alas, the Jumbo Smoked Meat of Montreal proved too much for me.  But I have no regrets about getting only 3/4 way through a ginormous pile of pure meat - I was bested by a worthy foe and it was a noble defeat.

So next time you find yourself waiting for a plane in Montreal, go on a Smoked Meat Quest of your own.  You won't regret it and maybe you'll be able to finish what you start.  And don't forget the mustard.

Joyeux Noel!

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