Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3 Parts Mustard/2 Parts Pickles/1 Part Ham

3 kinds of mustard, 2 kinds of pickles...that's how I remade an otherwise ordinary ham and cheese sandwich.  

The experimental process
With lots of traveling over the Christmas holidays and getting the house back to its pre-holidays mess, cooking a nice, grown-up dinner just wasn't in the cards last night.  Thankfully, there was lots of leftover baked ham (sent home with us in a huge care-package from the farm from my amazing mother-in-law!), half a loaf of homemade bread, some veggies and lots of condiments in the fridge to work with. 

Since ham and cheese is pretty basic, I tried experimenting with combinations of mustard and pickles to dress things up.  What I discovered was a hot and savory mix! 

For my 3 Parts Mustard/2 Parts Pickles/1 Part Ham creation, I used:

French's Original Dijon
Sensations' Whole Grain Dijon (I love its grainy texture)
French's Class Yellow Mustard 
Unico Pickled Hot Pepper Rings
Bick's Sandwich Saver Dill Pickles
Baked Ham, sliced
Baby Spinach
Plum Tomatoes, sliced
Marble Cheese slices
Brown Bread
Fresh Ground Pepper

Cast photo! Missing the Grainy Dijon, which was finished off.
  1. Combine the Original Dijon and Grainy Dijon on the same bread slice to make a Super-Dijon Mustard! 
  2. Spread the mayo and the Classic Yellow on the other bread slice to balance it all out. (For an even bigger kick, I dare you to try Keen's Mustard instead of the Classic Yellow; it's my favorite hot mustard and it would bring this sandwich to a whole new level!)
  3. Pile on the other ingredients and don't skimp on the spinach and hot peppers!
  4. Add some fresh ground pepper before fully assembling.
  5. Enjoy!
Spicy and grainy mustard combined with hot and garlicky pickles really rebooted this sandwich, which proves that having fun with the classics is all about the condiments.  

What's your favorite condiment combo? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Finally - got you in my Feedly so new posts show up. Hopefully I'll solve the comment issue as well. Think you'd ever like to come in and talk to my Foods 30 class second semester? It's in the afternoon....

    1. Yes, I'd definitely like to talk to you students! Sounds like a fun opportunity to collaborate again with my favorite Foods Teacher!